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Founder, Director

clinton goveasHello! I'm Clinton Goveas, a Technology Generalist with a career across leading companies in industries such as Software Development, Digital Media, and Telecom.

I’ve also worked with 5 startups and built their tech infrastructure from scratch. An engineer at heart, I help solve business problems with technology, especially when bootstrapped!


paymypage.com - payMyPage by iWebz helps individuals and small-businesses collect payments for products & services online using simple web links.

getssl.in - getSSL by iWebz is a custom-built service to enable users in India to buy popular SSL certificates quickly & affordably.

iwebzsites.com - A service built on a traditional web hosting service that simplifies setting up their online presence quickly without too much tech-knowledge.

iwebz.host - The full web hosting service experience for web technology experts with powerful features, quick 24x7 support, and global multi-datacenter options.

iwebzhost.net - Free & Paid web hosting options to support the needs of those getting started on their journey of learning web technology.